The next champion coming to League of Legends finally has a face to its name. K’Sante, a new champion designed for the top lane, has been revealed in a teaser video posted by the publisher.

As per usual, the video does not show any of K’Sante’s abilities yet and primarily serves to capture the theme of the champion. The Shurima-born brawler stands hunched over a desk in his home, staring at drawings of mythological beasts native to the world of Runeterra.

“Another dawn brings a new day to continue the hunt,” the voiceover narrates. “My ancestors built Nazumah away from the Ascended and other would-be rulers. But monsters come in all shapes and sizes. I, K’Sante, stand between them and my people. To the end.”

High-skill top lane tank

Although K’Sante’s abilities have not been revealed yet, Riot has given plenty of context about the new champion’s design. League of Legends has plenty of champions that require a lot of skill to be played effectively, such as Aphelios and Yasuo. However, the designers felt that there was no top lane tank yet that was equally rewarding for people who like to commit a lot of time to master a champion.

K’Sante doesn’t have a release date yet, but since his teaser is out already, he’ll likely be playable on the Public Beta Environment realm soon.

The debut of K’Sante will be paired with a first-of-its-kind skin. Every new League of Legends champion releases with a skin, but K’Sante goes live with a Prestige edition of this skin too. K’Sante’s Prestige skin has been created with the help of musician Lil Nas X, the singer of this year’s League of Legends World Championship anthem STAR WALKIN.