The League of Legends year is coming to a close soon and Season 12 is on his way out. Today, Riot shared their plans for the Season 13 preseason. Rough outlines had been given earlier already, but concrete changes have now been detailed. Some of the most significant changes Riot Games is implementing are to the jungle role, which will be much easier to execute with the upcoming changes.

A new jungling buddy

Riot had already teased that jungle pets would be added to the game. These little monsters hop alongside you as you clear your camps, growing stronger over time. Once they evolve, they give their jungler a buff. There are three different jungle pets, each with a unique buff:

  • Noxian Embercat — Gives slows and bonus damage;
  • Ixtali Ixamander — Gives a shield based on the jungler’s health, which provides tenacity and slow resist;
  • Ionian Cloudleaper — Gives bonus movement speed.
(Source: Riot Games)

Leash indicators

Effective jungling is all about moving around your camps cleverly and quickly. Every jungler has had to deal with the frustrating experience of pulling a jungle camp out of its spawn place a bit too far, upon which the camp ran back to its spawn place while regenerating health. In the Season 13 preseason patch, Riot Games is adding a leashing range indicator so junglers know how far they can lure the camps along them before they reset.

An in-game jungling guide

The last big change coming to the jungle role in the Season 13 preseason patch is an in-game guide that tells you in which order you’re recommended to clear your camps. On the minimap, junglers will see what the best pathing is for their specific champion. The recommendations are based on data from high-ranking junglers across the world and are updated once per patch.

(Source: Riot Games)

With the changes, Riot hopes more people will pick up jungling in Season 13.