With just one change to its lineup, KOI has rounded up its LEC offseason. The organization, which acquired an LEC spot by merging with reigning champion Rogue, has added top laner Mathias “Szygenda” Jensen to its ranks. Szygenda replaces Andrei “Odoamne” Pascu on the roster.

KOI picks up Szygenda after the top laner spent one year playing in the LFL on Team Vitality’s academy roster, Vitality.Bee. In 2021, Szygenda did play on Vitality’s LEC team for most of the year but was subbed out and in during the season. Syzgenda reached the EU Masters Spring Split semifinals and won the Coup de France tournament with Vitality.Bee.

Shifting top lane styles

By adding Szygenda to the lineup, KOI seems to adjust its playstyle for the 2023 LEC season. Under Rogue, with Odoamne in the top lane, the team mostly played a safe lane. Szygenda is mostly known for his performances as a carry player. With the change, KOI can opt to play through the top lane more, though it would be a drastic shift from the playstyle that got them the 2022 LEC Summer Split title.