Team Heretics has revealed the names of its entire League of Legends department for the LEC’s 2023 season. The Spanish organization wasted no time and shared which players represent them in the 2023 Winter Split. Heretics also announced its LEC coaching staff.

The roster Heretics is going with, is comprised of talent from all corners of the scene. Roughly a month ago, the team already revealed that bot laner Jakob “Jackspektra” Kepple would be promoted from their SuperLiga lineup to the LEC squad. Joining him in the bot lane is Mertai “Mersa” Sari, Misfits Gaming’s support player in the 2022 LEC season. In the mid lane, Heretics will field rookie Lee “Ruby” Sol-min, who made a name for himself in the Prime League on Unicorns of Love.

Top side power duo

It is Heretics’ top side of the map that will draw most eyes, though. The team has imported Japanese top lane star Shunsuke “Evi” Murase, who will leave Japan’s scene for the first time in his career. Veteran jungler Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski rounds out the roster. The five-time LEC champion and MSI 2019 winner parted ways with G2 Esports a few days ago.

The coaching staff is just as diverse as Heretics’ roster. Peter Dun, former head coach of Evil Geniuses and MAD Lions before that, crosses the Atlantic Ocean once again to lead Heretics. He’s backed up by Christopher “SeeEl” Lee, formerly of Rogue.

Heretics’ LEC debut

Heretics’ mixed roster has no real expectations to live up to, and not just because none of the players have played together in the LEC yet. 2023 will mark the debut of Heretics in the LEC. The team acquired its LEC spot this year by buying the slot from Misfits. Still, Heretics enters the LEC with a taste of success already in its mouth. The organization won the 2022 LVP SuperLiga Summer Split and went on to lift the trophy of EU Masters as well.