K’Sante’s abilities have been revealed at long last. Riot Games teased the arrival of the new League of Legends top lane champion a few days ago already through cinematics that detail his lore and theme. Now, we know what the brawler’s skillset is, and he’s definitely not an easy champion to master. Here is a rundown of K’Sante’s abilities.

K’Sante Passive: Dauntless instinct

When K’Sante damages an enemy, the enemy is marked for a brief period of time. If K’Sante attacks the marked enemy, the mark is consumed and K’Sante deals a set amount of damage plus extra physical damage, which scales with the enemy’s max health.

All Out: While K’Sante is in his All Out form, attacking a marked enemy deals physical damage. The extra damage is now true damage and still scales with the enemy’s max health.

K’Sante Q: Ntofo Strikes

This ability is a triple threat, comparable to Riven’s Q Broken Wings. K’Sante slams his weapons into the ground and deals physical damage to the enemy. The enemy is slowed as well. If K’Sante hits an enemy, his Q briefly gets a stack. At two stacks, his next Q is a shockwave that pulls enemies toward K’Sante.

All Out: The cooldown of Ntofo Strikes is reduced, but enemies are no longer slowed upon being hit if K’Sante is in his All Out mode.

K’Sante W: Path Maker

K’Sante comes with two abilities that help him survive combat. The first one, Path Maker, is a channeled ability. When pressing W, K’Sante becomes unstoppable and reduces his damage intake. At the end of the channel, K’Sante dashes forward, dealing physical damage based on the enemy’s max health. The enemy is also knocked back and stunned. The longer Path Maker is charged, the longer K’Sante’s enemies are stunned.

All Out: Once K’Sante activates All Out, he instantly refreshes the cooldown on Path Maker. Path Maker’s damage reduction is increased during the channel phase. The ability charges up faster as well. When released, Path Maker deals more physical damage and dashes forward at a higher speed.

K’Sante E: Footwork

Footwork is the easiest ability to understand in K’Sante’s kit: he dashes and gets a shield. If K’Sante dashes toward an ally, the shield is increased and also applied to the ally.

K’Sante R: All Out

All Out is by far the most important ability of K’Sante as it directly influences three of his other abilities as well. When K’Sante activates All Out, he deals physical damage to an enemy champion and knocks them back. Enemies that hit a wall are knocked over the wall, take more damage, and are stunned. K’Sante then leaps toward the knocked-back enemy, staying in his All Out mode for a while.

All Out: While in All Out mode, K’Sante has access to his transformed abilities. He also exchanges his defensive bonuses for offensive ones. K’Sante loses some of his health, armor, and magic resistance. He receives attack damage and omnivamp as a trade-off.