G2 Esports has begun announcing the changes coming to its LEC roster. Today, the organization shared that bot laner Victor “Flakked” Lirola will not be on the lineup in 2023.

“From carrying games to carrying vibes, thanks for an incredible year,” G2’s Tweet reads. The departure isn’t a surprise though. Earlier in the offseason, Flakked commented on his employment status himself. In a series of Tweets, he said, “My people, since almost all the rumors are out now, I confirm I will not start in the LEC next year. It has been a bit of a crazy offseason and for X and Y, I haven’t found a home.”

From rookie to LEC champion

Flakked joined G2 for the 2022 LEC season as part of the organization’s overhaul. Initially, his hiring struck many as odd. The young Spaniard played for MAD Lions Madrid in the LVP over the course of 2021 and found mediocre results with the team. But Flakked’s role on the roster became apparent quickly. He played a defensive bot lane, allowing lane buddy Raphaël “Targamas” Crabbé to help G2’s top side.

During the best-of-one phase of the Spring Split, the roster still had to find its footing. G2 took off after losing to Fnatic in the upper bracket of the Spring Split playoffs. The team made an unprecedented run through the lower bracket, including four 3-0 victories, to claim the LEC title. Flakked’s personal highlights came at MSI 2022 in South Korea. He had outstanding performances, mainly on Kai’Sa, and helped his team reach the semifinal of the tournament. G2’s Summer Split went well too and the team reached the grand final once again, but this time lost to Rogue. At Worlds, the team fell apart. Flakked and Targamas struggled to keep up with their opposing bot lanes and the top side of G2, which had been the team’s win condition all year long, also fell flat. G2 ended last in their group with a 1-5 score.

Flakked has not yet shared which team he will be joining next year.