Another team has revealed its lineup for the LEC’s 2023 season. After MAD Lions welcomed three new faces to its roster last week, this time it’s Astralis that announced its changes. The organization is making two tweaks, both on the top side of the map.

Top laner Kiss “Vizicsacsi” Tamás and jungler Andrei “Xerxe” Dragomir, who joined the team for the 2022 LEC Summer Split, won’t don the red star anymore. Astralis instead is opting for seasoned Finn “Finn” Wiestål to hold down the fort in the top lane. Finn joins after spending a year at Excel Esports, where he helped the team make its first two LEC playoffs appearances.

Astralis balances its roster out in the jungle with Doğukan “113” Balcı. The young Turkish player will make his LEC debut as part of the Danish organization, previously spending his time on ERL teams Karmine Corp and Vodafone Giants.

Astralis’ LEC playoffs goal

The rest of Astralis’ lineup features the same players that competed in the 2022 LEC Summer Split. Mid laner Oliver “Dajor” Ryppa and support player Lee “JeongHoon” Jeong-hoon, who made their first LEC appearances as part of the team, have been given another chance to bring success to the organization. Bot laner Kasper “Kobbe” Kobberup played for Astralis the whole year and retains his position as the most experienced player on the roster.

Astralis’ adjusted LEC roster has low results to surpass in the new year. The team had a disastrous start to the 2022 LEC Spring Split. With a historic 0-9 start, they dropped to the bottom of the standings quickly. Though Astralis managed to pick up three wins afterward, they never left the tenth place.

Rigorous changes, which saw Astralis change three of its players ahead of the Summer Split, paid off initially. In one of the closest splits in LEC history, Astralis managed to put up a good fight for a spot in the playoffs. When push came to shove in the final week of the regular season, however, the team dropped the ball and fell to a shared eighth place with an overall record of 7-11.